How sports are significant in many ways to any individual of the society
This paper discusses how sports are significant in many ways to any individual of the society. Sports have often been considered as a missionary tool of liberation, as anti-hegemonic. It focuses on the obsession of black Americans with sports and how media, poverty and a search for identity lure blacks into it. It also analyzes the reasons and their consequences for sports fixation. It highlights the study made by Jonathan Kozol on the inequalities faced by blacks from the very basic level of their lives and the opinions about black American sports fixation by John Hoberman."The scenario of Blacks occupying every sport more than the Whites is sometimes seen as a contemporary issue. Much commentary has been fabricated on the topic, whether sports are bad for Blacks. In February 1997 German scholar John Hoberman published Darwin's Athletes: How Sports has damaged Black America And Preserved the Myth of Race. In his story Hoberman made an analogy that sports is a form of slavery and unsubtle political and economic persecution. This analogy is used to describe the unseen side of sports i.e. how audience is attracted into it as false production and how white male autonomy controls black players both physically and mentally and their passage to the market worth their talent. The other countenance of the Black America damaged by Sports is that Black Americans are considered as laborers or as inferior beings. Hoberman claims that black over investment in sports is both the cause and result of black anti-intellectualism, itself the result of virulent white racism, meant to confine blacks to certain occupations (Gerald Early, Performance And Reality Race, Sports and the Modern World)."